New Trousers, New Painting & Drinks

Within the painting surfaces lie many distractions, detours, reliefs, pocks, swells, pimples, bubbles, blemishes, scrapes, scabs, scars, removals, concretion. . .

Often times it’s as if the painting exists to be ignored - to not be discussed, a flag of achievement or an old writing on past importance. Grasping dearly onto something that once *seemed* / *deemed* meaningful. This occurs when a new definition is necessary to shed light on a darkened zone. Painting, like any other method begs for new predictions. It is something that is done before it can finish - so my painting is finished before it began, ends before it started, and is in a state of constant application. It is supposed to be a song which has numerous live recordings of, each a variant of the last and of the original. To approach painting like a xerox machine is old news - but to treat the surfaces like a xerox machine, embedding your own small lies and topical visions is all that is left.

It looks as if the surfaces attract matter; cement dust, hair, dead skin cells. Like a venus fly trap it tenderly absorbs its prey as it lays on it’s mouth, waiting at just the right moment to swallow it up. It digests slowly into a cycle which absorbs then projects what it swallowed all the while.

In Rome there was a certain Marisa Merz painting; pastel, gold leaf, paraffin wax coins and thumbtacks on paper in a small survey of her work. Just when one thinks they administer their own variant in a land of repetitious tendencies you travel some 1000 miles to see your ideas and methods have been pulverized already -- and usually before you were born. But this is very common knowledge, you don’t have to go that far back. . . Assimilation, colonization, euthanization, modernity, and on and on until the foreseeable future.

Coinciding with a new painting by Nikholis Planck, Keith LaFuente will present new trousers from his recent FW17 line.

Opening: Friday, May 12th 6-9 PM

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