Welcome to Guertin's Graphics

Named after her family run screen printing business, Guertin's Graphics was an apartment gallery that operated in Chicago between 2007 and 2008.
During those two years Guertin's Graphics held exhibitions such as The Bauhaus Art Show, Move On, and Give Up featuring local and international artists.

Guertin's Graphics is excited to launch its return with her first exhibition featuring Kayode Ojo. Stay tuned.

Kayode Ojo, maybe no one will notice, 2016
TARWUK, 3ZANIAIS_lohsenov3
Nikholis Planck, New Trousers, New Painting & Drinks

Sameer Kapoor

Guertin's Graphic’s is located at:
140 Franklin St. Apt #3 Brooklyn, NY 11222

T: 774-364-0961
E: guertinsgraphics@gmail.com