Guertin's Graphics will be open to the public on July 21 - 24, 2023 for a solo exhibition by the artist ZAK KITNICK. and then by appointment only at


Guertin’s Graphics is thrilled to present an exhibition of new work by the artist Zak Kitnick. Across the two rooms of the gallery, Zak Kitnick will display a series of four enamel paintings as well as six works in gouache on paper derived from the geometry of a backgammon board. Using the backgammon pattern as a repeated motif, Kitnick’s paintings echo the seriality that often characterizes his practice while paying homage to Hard-edge and Op Art Painting movements. Known for working across a wide range of media, from painting to sculpture and installation, Zak Kitnick draws on found, utilitarian objects – from baking instruments and craftsman tools to kitchen appliance packaging and game boards, utilizing a language of familiar forms and patterns. The artist’s work explores images and examines the systems that organize them. Working at the intersections of art, architecture, design, and mass production, he challenges our relationships between art, decoration, and function.